Fran Allen : Finding Fun in Food

Hi friends, welcome to the podcast this week. I’m so excited to have  my friend and colleague non-diet nutritionist and recipe developer Fran Allen on The Thick of It today. Our conversation today circles around topics familiar to this show like intuitive eating, body image challenges and creating community for bigger bodies: but Fran and I really dive into our experiences with pregnancy and parenthood on this one. I joked with Fran that this becomes a bit of a “mom talk” but I think there is a lot of this conversation that may be helpful for non parent folks out there who may be feeling burnt out right now. 

Listen to Episode 8 of The Thick Of It right here on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

A bit about Fran :
Fran Allen, CNP is a non-diet certified Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto. Her work focuses on intuitive eating, achieving health at every size and dismantling diet culture. She uses her years of professional culinary experience to make meals fun, easy and satisfying. She’s currently taking maternity leave to care for her young daughter. I hope you enjoy this conversation, it really has some great moments of candour between two mamas and entrepreneurs trying to bring little people up in these weird times!

You can find more about her work at and follow her on Instagram @hello.fran.allen for daily recipes and inspiration. 

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The next 4 episodes of the season, I am going to create and release with a shorter production window. I’m excited to present conversations more in real time. I’ve learned so much over this first season of podcasting and I’m curious to see where these skills take me, so thanks again for listening.

January 27, 2022

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