Hi! My name is Jo Gale, I use she/her pronouns and welcome to THE THICK OF IT podcast.

I am a movement teacher and educator, a body liberation advocate and a community builder, which is a lot of fancy ways to tell you I have a deep interest in all facets of the human experience. I teach PIlates/Fitness classes weekly, I teach other movement folks how to make space for Inclusion in their practices and I am also engaged in local Politics, here where I live in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

THE THICK OF IT is a podcast where we explore a diverse range of topics orbiting around a central theme of Body Politics and Wellness. The inspiration for this podcast was born in the THICK of winter Covid-19 lockdowns here in Ontario, Canada, when many of my friends and colleagues were engaging in interesting, evocative and challenging discussion. I briefly hosted a weekly IGTV show, as my own way to make a platform for folks who were working toward change in various industries.

I hope to expand on some of the subjects covered in those chats, with return guests and explore new points of view as well. In this season a few topics we cover are: Disordered eating and Diet culture, the meaning of trauma informed wellness practices, Identity Politics and mental health and MORE.

I’m excited to share these discussions, and I hope you enjoy listening.

Welcome to The Thick Of It

Jamie Boer : Size Inclusive Wellness Spaces

December 7, 2021

Today on the show, I talk to Jamie Boer (she/her) a Massage Therapist turned entrepreneur and founder of Eastwood Wellness Company in Toronto. Eastwood is a company that focuses on making wellness size inclusive and welcoming for all bodies. We are committed to dismantling diet culture, encouraging self-care, and connecting meaningfully with our community.  We […]


Michelle Cordeiro : No Bad Foods

December 7, 2021

Hey folks, welcome to The Thick of It! Today on the show I am so excited to have my chat with Michelle Cordeiro. Michelle (she/her) is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Anti-Diet Nutritionist who is passionate about rewriting the script around food and wellness. She works from an anti-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) […]


Sarah B : Existing in Shades of Grey

November 24, 2021

Hey, I’m so glad to have you back listening for episode 4! So a big part of this show, is that I wanted to give my guests a chance to introduce themselves. It seems like a simple thing, but I really believe giving people space to step into their own identity is so empowering.  In […]


Christopher Bourke : Witnessing Waves of Energy Through Movement

November 19, 2021

Today on the show I’m sharing my conversation with Christopher Bourke. Chris is a counsellor and movement educator with 10 years of experience working in the field of community mental health.  I’m super excited to share this conversation with you as Chris and I are quite close friends, and our on mic chemistry is pretty […]


Katie McCrindle : Creating Safe and Brave Spaces

November 10, 2021

Today on the show, I’m so excited to have Katie McCrindle on as my guest. Katie McCrindle (she/they) is a Body Liberation Counsellor, Registered Social Worker and Fat Activist who lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. She identifies as fat as a way of reclaiming the word and situating herself in a political identity. She […]


The Thick Of It: Episode 1 — Robin Lacambra

November 2, 2021

We made it, here, to the first episode of this podcast: The Thick of It with Jo Gale (that’s me) and I’m so excited for you to be here with me. I have 6 episodes lined up for you that I recorded this fall. I’m so proud of these real, creative and varied conversations and I hope they […]