My offerings seek to cultivate inclusive,
joyful movement, through private + group online classes and workshops.



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This class is a 45 minute cardio party. We move through warm up for the spine, feet and ankles. We follow with 3 sets of cardio circuit work, which will be taught as progressions, and be chosen at your own intensity (hi and low impact options). The three circuits are separated by follow along/free dance moments inspired by 80s dance aerobics! Then we wind down, revisiting spinal movements and releasing any tension built in the body.

This is an all vertical (standing) class, all intentionally choreographed to high energy music. It is intended to be FUN, faster, and silly, but YOURS to play with. No props needed. No weight bearing on wrists.


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60 minutes of calm connection, through contemporary mat Pilates based movements, exploration with Somatics and ending in stillness and integration (or, Shavasana). Move from your centre and move your limbs around your centre, to find strength, stability and to tap into the power and knowledge your body holds.

In this class, we stay pretty close to the ground. Sometimes we start standing but are often seated. We move on all planes: supine, prone and side lying. We end laying down or seated in stillness. No props necessary, but they may be suggested at the beginning of class. Little or no weight bearing on wrists.

In this class, we do it all. A 60 minute full body movement practice. We prepare the body, the mind, the soul with contemporary Pilates based sequences to culminate in a series of “dance moments” or dynamic vertical sequences meant to inspire joy, play and freedom. Modifications are always suggested as we come into some more challenging shapes in this class.

Expect to be in all kinds of positions, prone, supine, side lying, hands and knees, and standing in this class but moving from shape to shape frequently. No props necessary, but they may be suggested. Possible weight bearing on wrists.


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Keep an eye on my Instagram account for an updated weekly schedule + upcoming events!

If you are looking to work one on one with me, or are looking for someone to teach a class at your workplace or event, I would love to connect with you.

My private and small group movement offerings are a highly customizable experience and can range from weekly live virtual sessions to pre-recorded video sequences and more. The opportunity to teach virtually has opened up the doors to many creative possibilities and these offerings are a great way to collaborate.

To enquire, please let me know what you are interested in through the contact form.


MAKING SPACE - workshop
Contact me for small group offerings on my MAKING SPACE workshop through my contact form. 


"I have been taking classes with Jo for 2 years now and can honestly say that she has helped me immensely in developing a deeper and more positive relationship with my body and its ability to move. She approaches teaching in such a kind and accessible way and continues to have an indelible influence on how I listen to my body and in turn tap in to my own resilience and exercise kindness. She is amazing at keeping you engaged and has THE best playlists. Thank you for all that you do Jo!"


I am also a trainer for The Mama Reset, an on demand fitness platform designed for parents.  For more information, go to


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